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    It's your senior year; you have made it at last. The high school is yours to rule and this year everything will be perfect. Everything, including your senior pictures. Yes, gone are the days of those tiny, generic yearbook pictures. Those are for the underclassmen. You are a senior now and only the best will do. Our goal is to give you just what you deserve, the best. We understand how important your senior yearbook photo is, which is why we produce nothing but the best.

5 Things to Remember Before Your Senior Portraits | 211 Senior Photography

5 Things

Hi, you guys!

 So it’s here. The big one. The one that everyone has been waiting for. And I bet you’ve been outlining all of your expectations, planning out every article of clothing you desire for your closet and you may have even made a “senior bucket list”. Well, maybe not. But when I was a senior, I for sure did.

Looking back on those years, I paid attention to every tiny detail that was happening. All the things I hated about high school (and trust me, there was a LOT that I hated about high school), I found something to fall in love with.  And I hope you are all able to do the same thing.

Photographs are SO important in capturing the “you” that you were in high school. I still love looking back at my senior portraits (You know, prior to the freshman fifteen. You want PLENTY of those.) and bringing myself back to where I was. I took mine at our neighborhood’s high school hangout. It was next to a lake where we would have a neighborhood campout to kick off each summer. I rebelliously sported my slouchy clothes and shorts that I never would have been able to get away with at my conservative high school. I rocked my antique John Lennon inspired shades and bare feet. My long-term boyfriend was even involved in the photos. And although so much has changed in the past few years, there was not single second I wish I could do over or take back. I brought all of those precious memories with me when I moved off for college and I plan on keeping them with me for the rest of my years.

Take advantage.

Here are five things you should keep in mind before your high school senior photo shoot:


  02-Denver Family Photography

1. Give ‘em attitude.

This is your time to be selfish. Sport your style. Be confident. Demand your respect from all your viewers.

These are YOUR photos and this is YOUR last year of high school. Take control.

02-Denver Family Photography

2. Show the world just how ready you are for it. 

Maybe you were that quiet kid in class. However, EVERYONE has got something to say. Whether or not you actually say that thing, say something.

Get loud with your senior portraits. It’s probably going to be your only opportunity to really get silly and express your outgoing character while having it documented.

You know… Unless you go through a mid-life crisis or something and require a photographer.

01-Denver Family Photography

3. Customize. Personalize. Individualize. 

Get personal with it! Involve the spiritual, cultural parts of yourself as well.

The things that are close to your heart are exactly the things you want to show off in your photos!

01-Denver Family Photography

4. Remember all the little things.

Get your loved ones involved! Of course your photographer will prioritize you, but you this is the perfect opportunity to get some great quality family photos!

Hang them on your bathroom mirror in your dorm room to remind you of all the people who are on your team.

01-Denver Family Photography

5. Go out with a BANG!

It is your LAST YEAR! Make it the best year! Be confident, be yourself, and be proud. MAKE yourself proud. Make your parents proud.

Do well in your classes. Don’t let senior-itis get the best of you. Make memories. Learn things.

Learn about yourself. Have fun.

Go kick your senior year’s butt.


01-Denver Family Photography


Trust me on this one.

5 Steps to prepare for your perfect senior portrait session | Denver Senior Photographer


You are having the time of your life this summer! But, your senior year of high school is upon you! It is time to get those senior pictures taken! That is where we come in. Follow these five easy steps and you will be prepared for the most important photo shoot of your life {until your wedding!}.

01-Denver Family Photography

Step #1: Wondering what to wear? Head over to our Pinterest page!

Our Pinterest boards have a bunch of outfit inspiration. We have an array of outfit options for girls and guys for whatever style you sport! Remember, what do you feel most comfortable in? What do you feel most confident in? Bring it all to your session! We will help you dress your best and create a look that is you, defined!

Step #2: Accessorize!

You picked out the perfect outfits now time to make it bring it to the next level! Ideas on how to do just that:

  • Stack some bracelets.
  • A cool watch.
  • A funky statement necklace.
  • Stylish shoes.
  • A fun blazer or a rockin’ jacket.
  • Colors and/or patterns.

Step #3: Practice makes perfect!

14-Social Media 5Just like Cher in Clueless, don’t trust your mirror! Get your friends together and pull out your trusty iPhones! Do a test run and see what outfits, expressions and poses flatter you most! Check out THIS pin for some tips on posing.

Denver Family Photography_1

Step #4: Check out our senior portrait session locations in Denver! What place makes you feel like you? Not sure about any of these locations? We can even do custom locations!

  • Riverfront Park
  • REI
  • Centennial Gardens
  • Denver Art Museum
  • Clear Creek Farm in Golden
  • Downtown Arvada
  • RiNo {AM only}
  • DU
  • Cheeseman Park
  • City Park
  • Red Rocks
  • Denver Botanical Gardens {Need two weeks notice}
  • OR in your own home!

03-Colorado High School Phot

Step #5: Book your senior portrait appointment!

The summer is half way over! Before you know it Labor Day will have arrived, you’ll be back in school for your senior year, busy with all that it entails and not realizing that you still need that senior picture for the yearbook!

Call us today! We have portrait studios in Denver AND Minneapolis!


Modern Denver | Denver Senior Portrait Photographer

Check out our city girl! Her choice location was the Denver Art Museum. I love this location because it can be soft {flowers} or tough {their building exterior}.

Let us capture all of your sides!

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